Quality Control is vital at Pipeline System. We guarantee our products and invest heavily to ensure we meet our quality obligations. We have the most current and technically advanced equipment required to monitor our production.

Examples of the testing we perform is as follows:

. Hardness Testing
. Impact Testing
. Bend Testing
. Hydraulic Testing
. Tensile Testing
. Wall Thickness Verification
. Diameter Measurements
. Visual / Dimensional Inspection
. Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT)
. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)
. Ultrasonic Inspection (OUT)


TERVIS, Ohutus ja keskkond on Pipeline Systemi arendamise nurgakivi

TERVIS, Ohutus ja keskkond on Pipeline Systemi arendamise nurgakivi

TERVIS, Ohutus ja keskkond on Pipeline Systemi arendamise nurgakivi. Our company attaches great importance to HSE. From the beginning, we have invested heavily, establishing the highest standards and expectations of management, diligent process controls for manufacturing, and nurtured a progressive employee culture. We take pride in being a good corporate citizen, producing Carbon-sulphur analyzer Microscope pectrometer exceptional products, and maintaining a safe and content work force.

Occupational Health :
We provide routine physical examinations of our employees as well as monitor the work environment for excessive dir and noise pollution. Lisaks, we encourage athletic events to promote physically healthy lives for our employees, and furnish traditional cultural education including providing books and CDs to the workforce.

Safety Education :
Workers attend daily safety meetings, and the company provides regular professional training as needed to maintain a safe work environment .

Environmental Protection :
We have obtained ISO 14001 certification and strongly believe it is our responsibility to create and maintain a safe and sustainable environment. We minimize industrial aste, recycling to the fullest practical extent. We pride ourselves in making sound social and ecological decisions.