Pipeline System MAJOR CUSTOMER

Our products are widely used in different fields including petroleum, aardgas,
chemische industrie, Stroomopwekking, iron and steel, apotheek, watervoorziening
and drainage etc. We honor customer based on sincerity.

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Sales Performance

No.Project NameCLIENTEPC Belangrijkste productenTechnicalParameterMain Products MaterialOrder Date
1Central Area Field Complex ProjectSonatrach and First Calgary PetroleumsDaewoo Engineering andBouwHete inductie bochtenDN150-DN250API 5L X65Q PSL-22015.07
2Central Area Field Complex ProjectSonatrach and First Calgary Petroleumsn/b Hete inductie bochtenDN100-DN150API 5LC LC65-22052015.07
3n/bDelta Pipe & Tube Trading LLCn/b 3D ElbowDN250-DN350ASTM A234 WPB2015.07
4n/bZakhem International Construction Limited, Kenyan/b Hete inductie bochtenDN500API 5LX65M PSL-22015.06
5n/bGeumdong Industry, Korean/b Montage van de pijpDN100-DN650ASTM A234 WPB2014.11-2015.06
6Oil Search Ltd ProjectOil Search Ltdn/b Hete inductie bochtenDN150-DN150API 5LX52N PSL-2, API 5L Gr.B PSL-22015.06
7n/bPOSSIN GMBHn/b Pipes Fittings FlangeDN15-DN300ASTM A182 F9 ASTM A234 WP9 ASTM 335 P92015.6
8n/bSociete de Gestion et de Negoce Professionnel s.a.l. (off shore)n/b PIJPENDN15-DN400API 5L Gr.B2015.6
9Egypt ProjectPOSSIN GMBHn/b Pipe with FlangeDN200-DN1200En10219 S275 Steel 422015.05
10Central Area Field Complex ProjectSonatrach and First Calgary PetroleumsDaewoo Engineering andBouwHete inductie bochtenDN100-DN150ASTM A790 S318032015.05
11Central Area Field Complex ProjectSonatrach and First Calgary PetroleumsDaewoo Engineering andBouwHete inductie bochtenDN150-DN200ASTM A333 Gr.62015.05
12Luanda Airport Project in Luanda, AngolaPumangol IndustrialChina Petroleum Pipeline Bureau de Sucursa丨 AngolaPipe Fittings and FlangesDN15-DN200ASTM A403 WP316L, ASTM A 182 F316L2015.05
13PNG Refinery Storage Tanks Project-Phase 1 Papua New GuineaPuma Energy (Singapore) Pte LtdChina Petroleum Pipeline BureauPipe Fittings and FlangesDN20-DN600ASTM A234 WPB,ASTM A1052015.05
14Puma Energy Petroleum Products Storage Ternimal at the Port of Matola, MozambiquePuma Energy MozambiqueChina Petroleum Pipeline Engineering CorporationPipe Fittings and FlangesDN50-DN800ASTM A234 WPB,ASTM A1052015.04
15n/bn/bn/b Fittings and FlangesDN50-DN400ASTM A234 WP22 CL3, ASTM A182 F22 Cl32015.04
16n/bChevronn/b PIJPENDN80-DN100API 5L Gr.B2015.3
17PK Refinery Modernization Restructuring ProjectPKOP Chimkent RefineryChina Petroleum Engineering CorporationJ & Bouwellebogen, Tees, verloopstukkenDN150-D300ASTM A234 WPB (NACE), ASTM A860 WPHY52 (NACEL2014.12

No.Project NameCLIENTEPCBelangrijkste productenTechnicalParameterMain Products MaterialOrder Date
18FCP Gas Export Pipeline ProjectShell Iran Oil Development CorporationChina Petroleum Pipeline BureauBarred TeeDN600ASTM A860 WPHY602014.12
19Thailand NakhonSawan ProjectPTT Public Company LimitedChina Petroleum Pipeline Bureauellebogen, Tees, verloopstukkenDN50-DN900ASTM A860 WPHY70, WPHY60, WPHY52, ASTM A234 WPB, ASTM A420 WPL62014.11
20PK Refinery Modernization Restructuring ProjectPKOP Chimkent RefineryChina Petroleum Engineering Corporation& Bouwellebogen, Tees, verloopstukkenDN300-D1200ASTM A234 WPB2014.09
21n/bItaly Bassi Luigi & C S.p.A.n/bellebogen, Tees, verloopstukkenDN600-DN1500ASTM A234 WPB2013.12
22Vietnam An Khanh 2X50MW Coal-Fired Power Plant ProjectVietnam An Khanh Power Plant Co., LtdPeople Electric Appliance GroupThreaded Elbows, ellebogen, TeesDN15-D400ASTM A234 WPB, ASTM A430 Wp3042013.11
23West Qurna-2 Well Pads and Oil Gathering System ProjectLukoil Mid-East Co., LtdChina Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Iraq BranchHot BendsDN150-300API 5L BNS, API 5L X522013.09
24Philippine Semirara ProjectDMCIChina Energy Engineering Group Co., LtdPiping Pre-fabricationsDN300-D1200ASTMA234 WPB, WP11, WP12, WP222013.09
25Turkman Bagtiyarlyk B Gas Gathering and Transportation ProjectTurkmenistan Amu Darya Natural Gas Co., LtdChina Petroleum Engineering Corporation& BouwTees, verloopstukken, ellebogen, flenzen, Forged PiecesDN15-DN400ASTM A234 WPB (NACE) A860 WPHY52 (NACE), ASTM A105HIC2013.8-2015.07
26Turkmenistan Amu Darya Second Natural Gas Treatment Plant ProjectTurkmenistan Amu Darya Natural Gas Co., LtdSichuan Petroleum Administration Bureau Materials Corp Construction and Engineeringellebogen, Tees, verloopstukkenDN15-DN400ASTM A234 WPB, ASTM A403 Wp3042013.08
27Sino-Myanmar Natural Gas Pipe Engineer the Fourth EPC ProjectCNPC Engineer design Co., Ltd Southwest BranchChina Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporationellebogen, Tees, verloopstukken, caps, flenzenDN15-DN800ASTM A860 WPHY70, WPHY52, WPHY60, ASTM A234 WPB, ASTM A1052013.07
28CDB High Sour Kai/Xuanhan Block Gas Field ProjectChevron Unocal East China Sea, Ltd.China Petroleum Engineering Co., LtdHot Bends and FittingsDN20-D1200ASTM A420-WPL6 (NACE), ASTM A 234 WPB (NACE), ASTM A860 WPHY 52 (NACE, ASTM A350 LF2(NACE)2013.06-2015
29Hongsa 3X626MW Power Plant ProjectHongsa Energy Company LimitedChina National Electric Engineering CorporationPiping Pre-fabricationsDN300-D1200ASTM A234 WPB, WP11, WP12, Wp222013.06
30Philippine Calaca ProjectDMCIChina Energy Engineering Group Co., LtdPiping Pre-fabricationsDN300-D600ASTM A234 WPB, WP11, Wp222013.05
31Kazakhstan Atyrau Refinery ProjectKazakhstan Atyrau Petroleum Refinery Co.,LtdSinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltdellebogen, Tees, verloopstukken, Joint Olet, capsDN25-DN1200ASTM A 420 WPL6, ASTM A516.GR602012.03
32South Lolotan Gas Field 10 Billion Commodity Capacity ProjectTurkmengazChina Petroleurnellebogen, Tees, verloopstukkenDN20-DN500ASTM A234 WPB, ASTM A403 Wp3042011.08