Who We Are and What We Do?


Cangzhou Pipeline System Pipe Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the Economic Development Zone, Cangzhou -inside Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolis circle, and is a global supplier of pipes and fittings. High technology and superior quality make us a leader in the industry. We are now equipped with 5 independent high-tech workshops, KAPLI BORU ÜRETEN, ÇİZGİLİ BORULAR, İNDÜKSİYON VURGUN, BÜYÜK ÇAPLI VE KOROZYONA DAYANIKLI BAĞLANTI PARÇALARI (NACE). İçinde bir yıllık üretim kapasitesi kaynaklanan 35,000 ton. Biz ev ve yurt dışında petro Çin gibi müşteriler tarafından onaylanmış olan, Sinopec, cnooc, Chevron vb..

【Professional Manufacturer】

Cangzhou Boru Hattı Sistemi Boru Teknolojisi A.Ş., Ltd. is a professional company integrating products’ design and research, production and sale in a whole. Our main products are anti-hydrogen and anti–sulfur fittings, alloy heavy all fittings with high pressure, stainless steel heavy wall fittings with high pressure, bimetal fittings and other regular fittings, flanşlar .

【Location and Capital】

Cangzhou Pipeline System Pipe Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Economic Development Zone and the registered capital is 100.6 million. Cover an area of 13.3 hectares focusing on manufacturing high quality products for worldwide business partners in the industry.

【Raw Material Sources】

Our raw material from Bao steel (specialized in molybdenum steel, stainless steel and X-pipeline steel); Tianjin Steel Panzhihua Steel(specialized in anti-sulfur pipe and boiler steel),Wu Steel and Xiang Steel Specialized in thick steel plate in alloy steel, and X class Stainless steel and high alloy steel directly from the following factories : Japan's umitomoJFEItaly IBFDa Ming ui mill, Spain TR Spit the Essex, Germany Sweden Sandvik, vb . Anti-corrosion and anti sulfur fittings 20N1 20G anti HIC L360QCS A333Gr6 Anti HIC used the coal chemical industry and sulfide gas field development project construction, 850 tons stock of anti-sulfur raw materials supplied by Tianjin Steel and Bao Steel, Cheng steel which can meet the market demand and the delivery requirements. So we can meet the anti-sulfur and anti-hydrogen fittings needs. We also have 380 tons stock of imported high pressure pipe of Sumitomo A312TP321 , A335P91, P11 produced by JFE etc so we can also meet the urgent need of high pressure fittings. Source of Raw Material pdf


Ürünlerimiz uluslararası standartlarına uygun üretilmektedir. Bugüne kadar, ISO tarafından onaylanmış olan,API,BV,CE. LR. ASME. Our objective of becoming a global enterprise is becoming reality.

【Services Center】

Müşteriler ve Ortaklar gelişmiş teknolojimiz güvenebilirsiniz, garantili kalite, makul fiyat ve kişiselleştirilmiş hizmet. To better serve the global market, we have established offices in Beijing, Çin; Dubai,UAE; Houston, USA and Tehran, İran.

【People Powered】

People powered - the power of our resources means nothing without the energy of our people. Their focus and expertise make our energy more dependable, more sustainable, and more useful.

Kalite güvencesi

Quality control system

The company has obtained ISO 9001 Kalite sistem belgelendirme

  • Mill Test Certificate test
  • Quality Management Certificate
  • Certificate of Quality Manufacturers
  • Certificate of Quality Assurance

Professional testing

We have a professional test for pipe & fittings : Hardness Testing , Impact Testing, Bend Testing, Hydraulic Testing, Tensile Testing

  • Wall Thickness Verification
  • Diameter Measurements
  • Visual / Dimensional Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)
  • Ultrasonic Inspection (ÇIKIŞ)

Ürün Standart

Boru için standart şartname, Çelik, Siyah ve sıcak daldırma, Çinko, Dikişli ve Dikişsiz.

  • ASME B16.9
  • ASME B16.11
  • ASME B16.49
  • ASME B16.5
  • API 5LD
  • MSS SP-95
  • MSS SP-83
  • MSS SP-97
  • ISO 15590-1
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