For whole piping component, we also supply gas collection pipes, Фланці сталеві, forged pies.


Ми спеціалізуємося на виробництві трубопровідна арматура, у тому числі великого діаметру і корозійною стійкістю (NACE). Our advantage is in part due to our world class production and testing equipment. This in combination with our skilled workforce, rich in manufacturing experience has resulted in significant growth over recent years.

Асортимент нашої продукції до 3200 мм ОД, з максимальною WT з 150 мм, і PN аж до 42 Мпа. Typical manufacturing materials include; нержавіючий, alloy and carbon steels, bimetal clad, nickel and inconel alloys. Other materials are available to meet your exact needs.

Крім цього, we have established long term relationships with many domestic research institutes, ensuring we are always at the leading edge of product development. We also continuously invest in better physical and chemical testing. The results of our methods are evident in our quality, product quality is our life.

Each fitting is fully traceable and conforms to ASTM, АСМЭ, MSS or other manufacturing and quality standards per order requirement.

pipe fittings