LSAW Keluli

Straight seam welded steel pipe , Longitudinal Submerged-Arc Welded Steel Pipe

The advantages of LSAW (Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding) pipes are straight welding. They are widely used in heavy industry to convey oil, coal slurry, dan lain-lain. As a ISO 9001:2008 syarikat, we guarantee not only quality but also services.

Process: LSAW - UO(UOE), RB(RBE), JCO(JCOE, COE); DSAW - Double Submerged Arc Welded
Penggunaan: Digunakan untuk penghantaran cecair tekanan rendah, seperti air, gas, dan minyak.
Standard: API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM 53, EN10217, DARIPADA 2458. IS 3589, GB/T3091, GB/T9711
Sijil: API 5 L PSL1 / PSL2, API 5CT
Keluar Diameter: 323.9mm -1820mm(12''-72'')
Ketebalan dinding:5.0 - 50mm
Panjang:6 – 12m
Keluli gred:
API 5L: GR B, X 42, X46, X56, X60, X65, X70 ASTM A53: GR A, GR B, GR C EN: S275, S275JR, S355JRH, S355J2H GB: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345, L175, L210, L245, L320, L360- L555
Permukaan: Fusion salutan epoksi bon, Coal Tar Epoxy, 3PE, Vanish Coating, bitumen Coating, Black Oil coating as per customer’s requirement
Ujian: Komponen kimia analisis, Sifat Mekanikal (kekuatan tegangan muktamad, Hasil kekuatan, Elongation), Ciri-ciri teknikal (mendatar Ujian, lenturan Test, meniup Test, Ujian kesan), Pemeriksaan luar saiz, Ujian hidrostatik, Ujian X-ray.
Mill Test Certificate: EN 10204 / 3.1b


UOE LSAW PIPESThe UOE mill features the most advanced technology and process, achieves high production efficiency, stable product quality and is equipped with complete inspection equipments.
Prodution LineUOE mill adopts U & O forming, the formed pipes are welded inside through five internal welding stations with three wires, and welded outside through four external welding stations with three wires. In accordance with different requirements of the customers, the welded pipe can be expanded either by mechanical or hydrostatic expander to improve dimensional accuracy, and eliminate residual stress.
spesifikasiDiameter luar: Φ508mm- 1118mm (20"- 44")

Ketebalan dinding: 6.0-25.4mm(1/4"-1"
Panjang: 9-12.3m (30'- 40')
Gred: API 5L  A-X90,GB/T9711 L190-L625


Prodution LineThis is large diameter longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) pipe production line in China. The mill adopts progressive bending process, featuring evenly distributed forming stress, high uniformity of dimension, infinite sizes variation&wide poduct range, and high flexibility, dan lain-lain.
spesifikasiDiameter luar:  Φ406mm- 1626mm (16" - 64" )

Ketebalan dinding:  6.0- 75mm (1/4" - 3" )
Panjang:  3-12.5m ( 10'- 41' )
Gred:  API 5L A-X100, GB/T9711 L190-L690


Production LineThis is the first large diameter longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) pipe production line in China. The mill adopts continuous axis contorting J-C-O forming process with characteristics of high forming accuracy and efficiency as well as balanced distribution of forming stress. The mill has the advantages of wide specifications and can produce pipes in any size within its production range.
spesifikasiDiameter luar:Φ406mm- 1829mm (16" - 72" )

Ketebalan dinding:6.0-30mm(1/4" -11/6"
Panjang:3-12.2m ( 10'- 40' )
Gred:API 5L A-X80, GB/T9711 L190-L555